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CCD Automatic Visual Positioning Fiber Laser Engraving Machine

Vision-assisted laser marking CCD laser marking visual positioning system

The laser marking and positioning system is mainly for the problem of difficult feeding, poor positioning and slow speed caused by the difficulty in designing and manufacturing fixtures in batch irregular marking. The laser marking positioning system captures the feature points in real time by using an external camera. Solve it. The system can be freely loaded, accurately positioned, and accurately marked, greatly improving production efficiency and improving product quality.

+86 18896567761


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  1. First, in the EZCAD marking software, do the corresponding laser marking file and center the image file.

  2. In the visual software by extracting the border or specifying features, as a benchmark for location capture.

  3. Adjust the laser marking position, set the grab range and the maximum number of grabs. Then it will run automatically.

  4. As long as the product can be placed at any angle within the set image capture range, laser marking can be performed automatically and accurately.


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