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Laser cutting acrylic method

Publish Time: Nov. 24, 2020


Acrylic laser cutting has a good cutting process, a laser cutting machine has a fast speed and a short construction period, which is an important aspect of improving the profit of our products. And has the characteristics of one-stop processing, from cutting, hollowing, punching and engraving to meet the production needs of materials.

When cutting acrylic, there are some problems such as uneven cutting surface, non-smooth surface, reflection of honeycomb panel, white cutting edge, etc. The methods to solve these problems are as follows.

Laser cutting acrylic method

In order to cut the smooth effect, the slower the speed, the higher the processing efficiency, the faster the speed, the shallower, please pay attention to cutting acrylic, increase the power and reduce the speed.

Turn off the air blowing during the cutting process, so as to avoid whitening the edges when cutting acrylic. At the same time, we must remind everyone that people should not walk away when cutting without blowing air to avoid fire during cutting. If there is a fire, turn off the machine immediately, the honeycomb panel reflection will cause To cut and fuse, we can use overhead to cut.

Laser cutting acrylic method

Some plastic sheets such as acrylic and organic sheets cut by laser will have an unpleasant smell. Chanxan suggest the following:

1 Wear a mask

2 Turn on the smoking machine

3 If you have conditions, you can install a purifying smell machine

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